Anna Vives


Anna Vives broke all stereotypes and went beyond the perception of what people with Down Syndrome are thought to be capable of. She’s a star in her local art scene who further rose to fame when she got invited to create a unique design for Skull Rider. This design is bursting with personality and color, and unifies Jorge Lorenzo, fashion, charity and MotoGP, all in one.


Lens Width - 51 mm
Lens Height - 46 mm
Bridge Width - 21 mm
Temple Arm Length - 138 mm


UE Standar - 1EN 1836:2005
UE Standar - 2EN 12311-1:2013
UE Standar - 3EN 12312-1:2013
US Standar - ANSI Z80.3-2001
AU Standar - AS / NZ 1067:2003


Frame Material - Policarbonate
Finish Material - Soft Rubber Touch
Lenses Polarized - UV400
Hinge - Metallic

It Includes Custom Box, Cover, Suede and Stickers
Designed & Assembled Barcelona