Fans of moto culture know that Japan is famous for its sportbikes. Local motorcycle manufacturers produce not only those motorcycles, but also the Café Racers we love so much. Discover the dozens of hidden car and bike cafes this metropole has, while wearing a pair of sunglasses that perfectly match the Café Racer look.


Lens Width - 53 mm
Lens Height - 48 mm
Bridge Width - 22 mm
Temple Arm Length - 138 mm


UE Standar - 1EN 1836:2005
UE Standar - 2EN 12311-1:2013
UE Standar - 3EN 12312-1:2013
US Standar - ANSI Z80.3-2001
AU Standar - AS / NZ 1067:2003


Frame Material - Policarbonate
Finish Material - Soft Rubber Touch
Lenses Polarized - UV400
Hinge - Metallic

It Includes Custom Box, Cover, Suede and Stickers
Designed & Assembled Barcelona