Chain Rosary with Logo and Cross

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Rosary beads come in all shapes and sizes. Wearing one can either be a sign of faith or a sign of rebellion. Use the rosary necklace to count your blessings, or give your outfit an original and out of the ordinary look. Pieces of lava, Tiger’s Eye or Green Rhyolite embellish each of the designs in the Skull Rider jewelry collection.


Size - 62 cms


We offer elegant, precise and high-quality Café Racer-style jewelry. Made in the country of elegance, Italy, where the world’s most prestigious fashion brands originate and reinvent themselves, season after season. The entire Skull Rider Jewelry collection has been manufactured here, using materials of the highest quality only, making sure each piece looks perfectly refined.


Finish Material - Steel and bronze
Cord - NO
Rock - NO
Clasp type - Clip