SR99 Leather Jacket Black

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After many years of racing and breathing a lifestyle characterized by risk and full speed, Jorge Lorenzo decided he wanted to share his passion with the community, offering you a place to feel part of something bigger. That’s when Skull Rider was born.

The SR99 Jacket is the ultimate collectors item for a true risk seeker, designed by the brand co-founder Jorge Lorenzo himself and named after his favorite number 99. To him, the number 99 represents an eternal struggle. The struggle of wanting to reach perfection, and the tension between good and bad. In life, we face a similar struggle almost every day. The tension between who we should be according to societal norms, and the person we truly want to be.

This jacket is the embodiment of that philosophy and made with materials of the highest quality. It can be your go-to item on a day-to-day basis, or your companion on the next road trip. It can also be the key piece of your look that will make you stand out by miles.

If you’re looking for the perfect partner to help you navigate through this adventure we call ‘life’: You’ve found it.