Hristo Stoichkov

Never say “I”, before naming your team mates and your coach. Without them, is impossible. Now there are a lot of guys that when they score a gol say: “I, I, I!”. What the hell you! Who give you the assist? Go back to your home and see if you score the same goal!
-Hristo Stoichkov
Win every loose ball with the Limited Edition Hristo Stoichkov sunglasses. Pay tribute to the Bulgarian who changed the destiny of every team he played for and give his pride and honor.
The Skull Rider are a “winner” sunglasses. They are made of the most innovative materials such as a "Soft touch" that fits and feels perfect. The ensure the perfect protection for the eyes of the Skull Riders. Passion and technology together in a pioneering and resistant sunglasses. Processed and assembled in Barcelona to ensure the highest quality.

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