Me & You / You & Me is the duet pack that Skull Rider has developed together with Mattel Barbie so that mother and daughter can do the most fashionable glasses. The mythical doll of the 50's, regains prominence in Skull Rider. We tell stories, this time of the emblematic Barbie doll, for moms, for aunts, for the friends of the mothers and in turn for your daughters, nieces, the daughters of your friends ... for all the fans of the great phenomenon Barbie.

The Barbie Adult, sober and elegant to combine with your daily look, you will be surprised the interior with the first print of the first doll that was made, your imagination, will take you to childhood.

The Barbie kid, brilliant, daring, will be the envy of their friends.

Me & You, You & Me is the duet pack

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