About Us

Skull Rider is passion for life, risk-loving!


At Skull Rider we are dedicated to bringing you the most exquisite Café Racer fashion since 2015. 


How it all started… 

The brand was brought to life by no one other than 5x MotoGP winner Jorge Lorenzo, who has claimed title after title from an early age. After many years of cutting curves on the circuits and breathing a lifestyle characterised by risk and full throttle, Jorge decided he wanted to share his passion with you, the community. 

Sito Herrera is founder of CNC Group and co-founder of Skull Rider. As a serial entrepreneur and self-made business success he knows how to navigate the S-curves in the business world. Just like Jorge, he’s a full-blooded risk-taker in his heart and soul. Someone who loves being in the drivers’ seat of his life story, blindly driven by his ambition to succeed and push past the limits, day after day. 

Both Jorge and Sito find their inspiration in a myriad of things, the most important one being the motorcycle culture they both adore. Take a moment and imagine the sudden quiet and calm sensation felt when reaching a stretch of solitary road. It’s just like no other. Empty roads just as much invite to hit the gas, reach record speeds and experience a sense of pure freedom. But there are more ways to experience the same high. Whether it means going on a wild adventure, starting a new business venture, or taking an 180-degree turn in life. They take the risk and go. 

Fate led Sito and Jorge to meet. Their mutual desire to turn their passion for risk into a global brand for bold individuals eventually led to the establishment of Skull rider as you know it today. 


Who we are

Skull Rider is a brand, created out of passion. Made by and for all lovers of risk, rebellion and revolution. This is our brand DNA. It is what we stand for at our innermost core. 

Back in 2015 when the journey began, we noticed a desire for further personal expression from deep within our community. We started by offering high-quality sunglasses to complement your outfit and accompany you on your day-to-day ventures. This was just the beginning and a small selection of all the things we have in store for you. 

We knew you were waiting for more. We care about you and we always wanted to do more. We listened, and are well on the way to bring you everything you asked for. Now we proudly offer you the finest leather jackets, unique everyday attire, new ranges of sunglasses, bold yet elegant jewelry and a lot more, all in the Café Racer style we know you love so much. But we have so much more to give you...

In life, we all deal with the constant friction of trying to fit in with the crowd. All whilst suppressing our true identities. At the same time, a strong desire to get closer to your essence pulls you in both directions. We understand this struggle. This friction is perfectly found in Skull Rider brand founder Jorge Lorenzo’s favourite number, number 99: the eternal friction between good and bad. Being who you should be, or being who you want to be. Feeling like you belong to the group and knowing that you must, while on the other hand dreaming about moving through life in a not so obvious way.

We care about fitting in and feeling part of our community, but we also want to stand out. With Skull Rider, you don’t need to be torn between these two opposites anymore. Every item in our collection is the embodiment of classy, but with an edge which takes inspiration from Café Racer culture, to make you stand out just that little bit more. Details are what make an outfit, and through an outfit, you present yourself to the outside world. Make the right choices. Stay aligned with your rebellious spirit and show your true self, with the help of Skull Rider.


Who we want to be

We want to be more than just a brand. We want to offer you the chance to be and feel part of something bigger. We want to be your go-to address and number one choice for putting together the ultimate raw and authentic look for autonomous individuals. Stay a valued member of your community, without falling by the wayside. 

That rebel deep inside of you has been suppressed for too long. It is time to embrace who you truly are. Because now, you can. 


What’s next

Our sales have soared and the demand for Skull Rider has skyrocketed. To ensure a consistent offering of service, the company underwent some major changes. We renewed the management board, which now has a team of highly skilled individuals with extensive experience in the fields of fashion management, marketing, design and sales. We improved our logistics services and upgraded our customer service. We are moving forward at maximum speed and we want to take you with us, because one thing we know for sure: this is going to be one heck of a ride. 

We are doing all of this because you deserve the best and most incredible Skull Rider experience you can possibly have. 

As we continue building our brand, we invite you to be part of this adventure. We invite you to the world of Skull Rider, where you can finally feel like you belong.

Be part of the rebellion. 

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